Twentyfifteen EP

by Nemesis Q x KLMBRNG

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"It was bound to happen," the two of them said. We agree. How it took this long is a more accurate question, really.

Born out of drinking beers, listening to Moodie Black and clipping. right before a show, Nemesis Q and KLMBRNG's "fuck it, lets just start murking shit" is the perfect jump off point to start this project and just run with it. And run with it they did.

With their shared love for the confrontational and the looming darkness, alongside their Cult Shit Clique cohorts Lexi Hex & $LEEPLES$ AKA †HE PYRAMID, the duo crafted an EP that might not kill the rap game - but we're pretty damn sure would send it home in crutches and leaking blood all over the goddamn place.



released April 3, 2015

lyrics/vocals by NEMESIS Q:

production by KLMBRNG:

additional lyrics/vocals on TRVE KVLT II by LEXI HEX:

additional lyrics/vocals on The Endless by $LEEPLES$ AKA †HE PYRAMID:

front and back cover photo by Ruined Manila:
cover design by KLMBRNG



all rights reserved


KLMBRNG Philippines

Witchy since 2k10. Occvlt ‘til death.

Kulam (/koo-lam/) is a Tagalog word meaning “magic spell” or “curse”. Often, the same word is used as a term for witchcraft.

Barang is a noun used to describe malign sorcery.
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Track Name: Attack the Golden City
Kill em with blunt force trauma
Using just my knuckles and my motherfuckin aura
Acolytes fallin from the roof
Go ahead and burn the fuckin school
And make sure the fire's gonna reach the news
Scour in fear while I go ahead and shoot

Vomit all the shit they put up in you head
Grab a book, revolutionize, rebel up instead
Fuck em all fuck the social standards you abuse
Just to keep us rounded up and drink up all the juice

Burn the fucking city
Burn the fucking city
Burn the fucking city
Burn the fucking city!

Let them know, that we ain't gonna put up with this
Burn it down, burn it into the abyss
Track Name: TRVE KVLT II feat. Lexi Hex

I don't need no intro
I'm that motherfucker
That would creep in your window
Blazing indo
While cooking up this bitch
Drug stacks
Scratching tracks on a 2 day itch
Man im a fucking twitch
Set fire to christ
Eat your cat like a motherfucking dyke
I say the rosary backwards
While tweeting your pastor
Get nailed with a cross
Bitch, call me your master
Fuck a mistress
You won't even hit this
Sit the fuck down
Before i start killing shit
You soft as carvel
Who you gonna shoot on?
I'll curb stomp your head with my Loubouton
'Bout to go ham like
I'm fucking Mandy
Shit is gonna be strange
Go ask Ashley
Fine and dandy
Lexi and the Nemesis
End your life
Just like any other bitch
Straight outta h-e-double hockey sticks
If you don't like us
Go huff a dick
Or go out
And play in fucking traffic
This be Manos Hands of Fate
Straight fucking classic

Nemesis Q:

Re-introducing the Nemesis, your greatest archenemy
I'll make sure to break your girlfriend's precious anemone
Instead of these ignorant fools, that have the tendency
To wake up every muscle of this killing anomaly

Don't you ever think that I have gone too rusty
'cause I can still inflict some serious damage,
from the blade that's been hungry.
For eternity

Let me tell you one thing
I'm the master, you're the puppet on a string
Do not hesitate to do everything
that we say
Or else I'll blow you up like Gus Fring
Oh bitch, don't hide cus I'mma hunt ya
I'm G.Orwell's wet dreams, your Big Brother
I'm the physical embodiment of a thoughtcrime
Peeking into my brain, sure you'll gonna serve time
But that's fine

Such a pussy ass, acting like a macho
Generals without an ounce of bravado
Bitch is green, green like an avocado
Riding on a ray of limelight,
shit, we're gonna fuck your mundo

I said fuck you.
Track Name: Insufferable
Burnin' down the buildings
Fuck, what a beautiful painting
I'mma stop you from creating
An abomination offspring
Slit your throat, and watch you choke
ahegao face, while I snort some coke
Oh shit, that's pretty dope
When I see the hope,
slowly going down the rope

Watcha gonna do?

Ashes down the fucking drain
Oh what a glorious day.
So give it up, let it out, just enjoy the show.
If you're not interested then I will make it sure
Your girlfriend sucks my dick and I'll be laughing like a sir
Slice your throat, put it up the altar of your favorite church
That sounds like a fucking dejavu
I remember killing you 3 years ago.
Track Name: The Endless feat. $LEEPLES$ AKA †HE PYRAMID

Fucking peep this
Stay crass and fuck Jesus
Hit the kill switch
And don't say shit
Just get in the whip
We're going shopping, bitch
Flow nasty
Rap game Great Gatsby
I'm the Pyramid
Run the whole block
Third eye woke from all the crack rock
Meth head don
Crystals when I smoke
You stay lighting twigs
Cuz bitch you fucking broke
That's why you fucking choke
Off those seeds and stems
While we roll on benzos
And straight snorting grams
You ain't hustle
What you know about guap?
You focus on the music
What you know about rocks?
What you know about slanging bricks?
Real trap shit
Make your girl turn tricks
We're the endless, Q and Sleep
Cult Shit Clique
Send you up the fucking creek
So don't even flex
Better cowboy up
There's no chill homie
We gonna fuck you up
Then snatch your chain
And murk your kids
Fuck your wife
And send you the fucking bill
This ain't no fucking drill
Aiming at you fucking shills
Sleepless aka The Pyramid
Too fucking trill

Nemesis Q:

I'm a gargantuan beast, I'm a prowler
I'm gonna fuck you up like a bulldozer.
So sinister, I'mma erase ya
Fucked up than a Russian prime minister
Don't compare us
to these plebian
rappers who rap about gucci and whatever the fuck
So what's the buzz about?

Fuck em all
Let them burn to the ground
Take some Adderall
Go and take them to the ground
Yeah, go and let them know their place
Your followers are makin a big mistake
Resuscitate, the lack of life that you have
Regurgitate, all of the shit that you have
I'm gonna make your market blacker
Cook it up with your blood, sizzle with my fire
You parasitic cysts on my kingdom
I'm makin sure you all gonna get some
Get done, I told you I'ma roast ya
Roast ya

Bitch, I don't even care about you
You bark and bark a lot but no one's gonna miss you
Your buzz is nothing a but a big fat joke
Art money? Yeah right, more like "I'm so broke"